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in simplicity
T-shirts are incredibly underrated: we all wear them, we sleep in them, we go running in them, we wear them to work, to school, to bars, to restaurants… The T-shirt is the casual equivalent of a “little black dress”.

flawless production focuses on the smallest details
We produce locally, so that we can be in direct contact with our T-shirts every step of the process.

highest quality materials
We don’t compromise: we chose the best natural materials produced in Europe, we precise the cuts and our T-shirts don’t twist when you wash them. We understand the technology behind fabric production and don’t cut corners.

We focus on the casual icon the T-shirt is
We also tailor T-shirts
Just like a shirt or suit - whether it’s because you’re a perfectionist, you are not a standard size, or just have specific expectations and like to go the extra mile. Perfect fit is no longer a compromise.