We wanted a T-shirt you could wear any time of day, to any occasion, a T-shirt that you put on when you want to be sure you will feel good, a T-shirt that complements the rest of you wardrobe. One that you can wear when you go running or with a jacket to the office. We didn’t find one, so we decided to create T-shirts to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding people around us.

We produce black, white and grey tees, polos and v-necks in all standard sizes. We can also tailor them to meet your individual needs — because zagh T-shirts simply have to be your favorite.

We care a great deal about how we treat the world around us and therefore we pay a lot of attention to how zagh is produced. When choosing our cottons, we carefully select European producers and sew in the Czech republic under fair employment conditions. This allows us to work directly with our seamstresses and to be part of every detail of the production process.

Part of our focus also lies on sustainability; we produce T-shirts that last longer and we try to minimize the amount packaging involved. Our labels and tags are made of recycled materials and the boxes you receive are made of recycled paper that you can recycle again.

We take pride in having customers that return to us regularly and recommend us to their friends.

It’s a pleasure to become part of your daily lives, to make your lives easier, because you don’t have to spend time thinking what you’re going to wear and instead, you can put on our T-shirt that has become part of your uniform.

Personal style and comfort are very important to us and we sincerely hope you can see and feel it when you wear our products.